Sabyasachi Mukherjee

The ideas and inspiration behind the Zanyah™ Collection


De Beers Forevermark has proudly collaborated with master couturier, Sabyasachi Mukherjee to create the Zanyah™ Collection. The exquisite line of diamond jewellery fuses his iconic style of unique craftsmanship and rich embellishments featured in his own fashion label, with the unparalleled beauty of De Beers Forevermark diamonds. 

Here Sabyasachi reveals to De Beers Forevermark the creative inspiration behind the Zanyah™ Collection and his stimulus as a designer. 

What has inspired your work as a fashion designer?

I’m inspired by travel. Ideas are derived by the things you see around you, the cultures you experience and the countries you explore. I’m also inspired by the nostalgic. In an ever growing, globalised world we are losing our ethos of being distinctive. In the past, whether it was art, craft or culture, everything had a distinct flavour, so I take a lot of inspiration from the untouched, un-globalised world.  

How does your culture influence your design?

Bengali’s have always been very culturally inclined, but we want to find our own niche. So, if you look at every Bengali, we will always have an aesthetic which is our own and an aesthetic which we derive from the land itself. This aesthetic has influenced my designs. 

Jewellery is an integral part of Indian tradition, how does this play a role in your designs?

Decoration is a part of Indian tradition. Our self-esteem comes from acknowledging our roots and jewellery is a very important part of this. Whatever campaign I’m working on, whether it’s focusing on a handbag or a shoe, I always use jewellery.

Fashion and jewellery are partners in crime. They both work together in making a woman look beautiful.
Sabyasachi Mukherjee

Were you always inspired as a fashion designer by jewellery?

It was actually jewellery that led me to fashion. My mother used to tell me tales of her father bringing her fascinating diamond jewellery from this little shop in Calcutta. So when I started my career I actually began designing costume jewellery that I would sell to the hawkers and venders of Calcutta on the street.

Understanding the quality and the craftsmanship that went into Bengali jewellery is something that I have carried over to the design in my clothing. A quality reflected in the embroidery of our Bridal wear. 

What inspired the Forevermark Zanyah™ Collection?

A portrait of Amrita Shergill and Devika Rani. It immediately transported me to the 1920’s, where I started thinking of the Great Gatsby, beautiful dark nights in Paris and ladies in chiffon dresses dripping in diamonds. 

Seduced by this imagery, I created a mystical story in my head to visualise how I think the jewellery should be. An exotic Indian actress goes to Hollywood in the 1920’s. Wearing her great grandmother’s beautiful jewellery she goes out onto the red carpet where she becomes an international star.

Within the Zanyah™ men’s Collection I was inspired by the Indian Maharaja’s and Maharani’s. I wanted to create a statement that was intricate in design and inspired by India. This is how the Forevermark Zanyah™ Collection was born.

How did you choose the name of the Collection?

I wanted a name that would be a perfect blend between the east and the west. Having always been inspired by Persian art because of its incredible craftsmanship, I derived the name Zanyah. A beautiful name that can be pronounced globally, yet have a distinctive tie to the east. I knew that this would be the perfect name for the Collection. 

How does De Beers Forevermark inspire you?

With their passion, their integrity and their beautiful diamonds. They also inspire me with their important combination of meeting all parameters and not making social disruptions. Sustainability and development in fashion and ethical sourcing just go hand in hand. 

How important are diamonds for you? And what do they mean to you?

A diamond speaks with its beauty. You can say so much with so little. It has a lot of gravity and because of that I think we feel good when we wear a diamond. It’s a benchmark of our own life.

Can you share your fondest memory that involves diamonds?

My fondest memory is of the diamond that I gave to my Mother. My parents had sacrificed a lot for my education when growing up, so when I started to become successful with my clothing design, in a moment precious to us both, I gave my mother a diamond ring. A diamond ring that I know she will cherish Forever. 

Exceptional Contribution

Sabyasachi has been included for the second consecutive year in the Business of Fashion’s BOF 500 index 2017, in recognition of his exceptional contribution to fashion. De Beers Forevermark would like to pass our heartfelt congratulations to him, on this incredible achievement.

Hard working, dedicated and passionate, Sabyasachi inspires us with his expert craftsmanship. Like De Beers Forevermark, he creates beautiful pieces of design that will stand the test of time, now and Forever. 

Now, Forever

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