Classic Diamond Jewellery: The Solitaire Ring

The much-loved solitaire ring is timeless - a classic piece of diamond jewellery.

What is a solitaire diamond ring?

A solitaire diamond ring is defined as any ring that features a single diamond. With a solitaire diamond a traditional choice for an engagement ring, it’s fitting that the word diamond derives from the Greek word ‘adamas’ meaning indomitable and invincible, with this also being similar to the Latin verb ‘adamare’ — to love passionately. 

History of the solitaire diamond ring

The solitaire diamond ring has a long history. Its origins can be traced back to Ancient Roman times, when a ring symbolised life and eternity and was used as a public pledge of marriage between a couple. It wasn’t until events such as the discovery of diamond mines in Africa during the Victorian era that the style became popular with married couples to be.

In 1948 De Beers first introduced the famous phrase A diamond is forever, confirming the solitaire engagement ring’s position as a true jewellery icon and the ultimate symbol of enduring love. 

Why choose a solitaire diamond ring?

Although there are many styles of diamond ring, the solitaire is a classic design with a timeless quality that makes it universally appealing as the ultimate symbol of Forever. 

It is also a wonderful choice due to its versatility. Whether worn on its own, paired with an enhancer ring or placed alongside a wedding band, there is a diamond solitaire ring to suit every taste and lifestyle. 

Selecting your solitaire diamond ring

Whichever ring style you choose, the beautiful De Beers Forevermark diamond will always take centre-stage. With this in mind it's a good idea to begin your selection process with the diamond itself.

Diamond shape

The most popular diamond solitaire engagement rings often feature a round brilliant cut diamond - this is a multifaceted style whose supreme symmetry ensures that every cut sparkles.
Other diamond shapes for solitaire rings to consider include cushion, oval, princess and pear.

Ring setting

As well as holding the diamond in place, a solitaire setting is central to an engagement ring's aesthetic. Classic and elegant, the four-pronged De Beers Forevermark Setting™ cradles the diamond at its centre, allowing light to travel through its facets, creating unparalleled diamond sparkle.
To bring a modern twist to a traditional solitaire ring you may want to consider a bezel or tension setting.

Band style

Remember that the band, which is also known as the shank, will have an influence on your diamond choice too, so consider whether a plain band or decorative pavé finish is preferred, or if instead a split shank may offer an interesting alternative.

Metal colour

Although white gold and platinum are the most prominent metal choices, if you are looking for a more unique colour choice, you may want to consider a rose gold, yellow gold or mixed gold solitaire engagement ring.

How many carats should a solitaire diamond be?

A number of factors will play a role here when deciding on carat size, not least your budget but also your betrothed’s personal style preferences and where and how they wear their engagement ring after the big day.  As De Beers Forevermark diamonds come in a variety of carat weights, you can decide on a style that is personal and fitting to you as a couple. 

Styling your solitaire diamond ring

A solitaire diamond ring looks stunning whether its worn on its own or paired with other rings. With today’s vogue for stacking and layering, a solitaire engagement ring can be paired with not only a wedding band but also with an assortment of treasured rings including heirloom and anniversary pieces. 

The Forever ring

However you wear your solitaire ring, whether it’s an engagement ring worn as a promise of your love and devotion or whether it’s a beautiful accessory to make a statement, you can be certain that a solitaire diamond ring will delight its wearer Forever.

Diamond solitaire rings

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