De Beers Forevermark diamonds shine bright at Bibhu’s New York Fashion Week show

De Beers Forevermark is proud to, once again, return to the runway during New York Fashion Week collaborating with Narayan Jewellers and Bibhu Mohapatra to accessorise his Fall Winter 2018 collection.

Inspired by the works of Francesco Clemente, Bibhu’s FW18 collection explores the Dickensian dynamics of love, neglect, forgiveness and censure between Miss Havisham and Estella from the classic Dicken’s novel Great Expectations. 

De Beers Forevermark Rose Gold Chandelier Ea
De Beers Forevermark Rose Gold Chandelier Ea


With feathered textures, shimmering metallics, luxurious lace and delicate embellishments, these beautiful designs were perfectly paired with statement jewellery designed by Narayan Jewellers featuring De Beers Forevermark diamonds.

 Ketan Chokshi, head of design at Narayan jewellers, was inspired by elements of nature for the collection, with flower and leaf forms featuring in many of the pieces that were worn on the NYFW runway. 

Mismatched earrings

A key jewellery look highlighted in the show was the mismatch of earrings. From mixing metals; pairing white gold with rose gold, to adding length; combining a stud earring with a long drop earring, this contemporary style added to the opulent FW18 looks. 

Jewellery Featured:

De Beers Forevermark Rose gold stud earrings

De Beers Forevermark Pearls & Forevermark Diamond Earrings

Generations of expertise

De Beers Forevermark is honored to have once again collaborated with Narayan Jewellers for Bibhu’s FW18 collection. Over 75 years old, Narayan Jewellers is known for its quality, innovation and craftsmanship. Following in their grandfather and great grandfather's footsteps, the family business is now run by 6th generation jewellers Ketan Chokshi and his brother, Jatin.  

Inspired by the family run business, Chokshi knew from a young age that he would be a jeweller. Graduating from the International Gemological Institute of America, and now with over 17 years of experience and a passion for his profession, Chokshi’s designs are a visual masterpiece showcasing a rare fusion of art, technology and expertise; elements all reflected in Bibhu’s FW18 collection. 

Often opting for a softer and more feminine look, Chokshi looks to create excitement within his designs and to make classic heirloom worthy pieces that are all one of a kind; a thinking that is reflected in what Forever means to Chokshi. For Chokshi, jewellery is Forever. In India, it has always been seen as a heritage or investment piece; something to own forever.

Pearls & De Beers Forevermark Diamond Necklace, Pearls & De Beers Forevermark Diamonds Chandelier Earrings
Pearls & De Beers Forevermark Diamond Necklace, Pearls & De Beers Forevermark Diamonds Chandelier Earrings


Expert Craftsmanship 

Dedicated and passionate, both Bibhu Mohapatra and Ketan Chokshi inspire us with their expert craftsmanship and attention to detail in their field. Both designers create beautiful heirloom worthy pieces with great expectations to last Forever. 

The legacy it carries for people here says that you should not sell your old jewellery, we believe jewellery is Forever and should be owned Forever.
Ketan Chokshi


Photographer: Raymond Patrick
Runway images: Getty Images

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