The making of The Forevermark Tribute™ Collection film

From independence and courage, to determination and spirit, there are many qualities that make up the extraordinary woman that you are or the women that you know, and The Forevermark Tribute™ Collection is a celebration of this.

Here we go behind the scenes, speaking to Dafne Rotolo and Ben Waddell, the actors that brought the meaning of The Forevermark Tribute™ Collection to life. They explain to us the qualities they feel are important for a female to have, who they would make their tribute to and what Forever means to them.  

The most important qualities that I feel a woman should have are to be fearless, to stay true to yourself and to be passionate in everything that you do. As we’re growing up in an ever more critical society, it’s important to be fearless in what you love, whilst still staying true to yourself.
Dafne Rotolo
I would pay tribute to my Mother. She’s always supported me in everything I do and with every career decision that I have made. She encourages me to always keep trying and to follow my dreams.
Ben Waddell

Forever to me is building meaningful memories with somebody that you love unconditionally, and it’s these memories that will live on Forever.
Dafne Rotolo
Forever means to me, how you’re going to be remembered. You should go through life trying to be the best person that you can be, striving to make the right decisions in order to leave the best legacy, as Forever is what lives on in everyone else’s memories.
Ben Waddell

A tribute to Forever

The Forevermark Tribute™ Collection is about celebrating the unique qualities and special characteristics within yourself or someone you love. It’s about making a tribute that will live on Forever. 


The Forevermark Tribute™ Collection

Discover The Forevermark Tribute™ Collection, celebrating the unique and brilliant women who wear it.