Natasha & Animish – Two hearts, one soul

With dreams and aspirations of travel for both their life and career, it was only fitting that it was Natasha and Animish’s love of travel that brought them together.  

In what was an unexpected meeting, Natasha and Animish first met at a mutual friend’s house party, where they soon discovered that they both had a love for travel. As if they had known each other for years, Natasha and Animish talked for hours on end, with Animish still fondly remembering how he never wanted the conversation to end. This marked the beginning of their Forever.

Finding Forever

After spending lots of time together as both friends and colleagues at Animish’s travel company, the defining moment for Natasha was one evening after work at a cafe, when they were discussing their goals in life. With Natasha having so many aspirations that she wanted to achieve, Animish helped Natasha channel herself and find the path she needed to achieve one of her very dear dreams. The encouragement from Animish for her to be her best self, was when Natasha knew that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.

That was the first time, and it hasn’t stopped yet: I with my crazy ideas, and him with his ability to make me realise them – I knew that day, I couldn’t want more.

Animish knew from the first conversation that he had with Natasha that there was something special about her, with the defining moment for him being all the cherished time that they spent together. The more he got to know her, the more he liked her and fell in love with her, and as time went by he knew that Natasha was the one for him.


We made a great team. I knew I liked her from the first conversation, but as time went by and we spent more time together, I began to realise that she was the one for me.




An everlasting love

As Animish wanted the engagement to be a complete surprise, he picked out Natasha’s ring himself and having a diamond engagement ring was extremely important to him. For him, the De Beers Forevermark diamond in the ring represented the strength of their relationship, as it would be a relationship that would last a lifetime. 

The silver lining

Just like in every relationship there are always challenges that need to be faced, but sometimes these challenges can improve you. For Natasha and Animish they are both extremely different people even with the simplest of things like choice of movie, but they have learnt how to make their differences work in their favour. 

As their weaknesses are each other’s strengths, when they are together their partners strengths become their strengths too, allowing them to together lead more fulfilling lives with the strengths of each other.

Diamonds are known for their strength, and in that way, it represents what we are to each other and I knew I had to give her the perfect diamond ring to show her what she means to me.

Forever is…

Forever for Natasha and Animish is putting each other before everything else. It is encouraging each other to always be the best that you can be, it is helping one another to realise their dreams and it is looking after and being there for each other always and Forever. 

Aminish is always encouraging any idea I have, no matter how silly it may sound, and that is what makes me keep falling in love with him over and over again.