Autumnal Bridal Jewelry

Bridal jewelry trends for the modern bride

Summer florals have faded and the crisp air has set in. Leaves are changing to an abundance of colors; from burnt oranges and deep coppers to rusty yellows and fiery reds. Synonymous with harvests and picturesque landscapes, there’s an enchanting romance to an autumn wedding like no other.

When it comes to selecting the jewelry you’ll wear on your big day, the most important thing to consider is to choose pieces that you love. You will treasure your bridal jewelry Forever, so trust your personal taste and invest in pieces that you will want to wear long after you say, “I do!

Autumn wedding dresses 

For gowns with off-the-shoulder necklines, shorter necklace styles are recommended. Chokers or mid-length necklaces are always very popular, and no wonder given how flattering they are. “Excellent suggestions are the Flexible Diamond Choker and the stunning Diamond Line Smile necklace,” says Federica Imperiali of De Beers Forevermark.

Alternatively, the graceful Tribute Collection Diamond Station Necklace can be worn alluringly draped across your décolleté.

Autumn Bride
Autumn Bride
Autumn Bride Jewelery

Long sleeves are a popular choice during the cooler months. For sleeves that are fitted, opt for a cuff that sits on top of the sleeve. The Five Row Black Label Square Diamond Bracelet is a lovely option. Alternatively, if your dress has sleeves which billow on the arm and narrow at the wrist, slim bangles and bracelets – either individual pieces, or minimal stacks – will contrast elegantly with the voluminous sleeves. The Diamond Line Bracelet is a perfect choices for this. It is a simple, timeless and elegant piece that you can wear again and again.

When it comes to the details of your wedding gown, whether it’s dainty ruffles, a subtle wash of color, bold blooms or celestial flourishes, these can all be reflected in your choice of ring.

To make a statement, treat yourself to the Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring, whose rose gold setting will subtly compliment pale blush accents on a dress. 

Gowns with off-the-shoulder necklines are a standout trend this season and for these, shorter necklace styles are recommended. Chokers or mid-length necklaces are currently very popular, and no wonder given how flattering they are. Excellent suggestions are the elaborate Ribbon Necklace and the stunning Riviera Necklace.
Federica Imperiali of De Beers Forevermark

Bringing the outside in

The setting and theme of your wedding will also give you direction as to what jewelry to wear.

When it comes to your decorations, with an autumn wedding, bring the glorious outside in. Sprays of leaves, trailing ivy, fruits and even nuts and pumpkins can form the centerpiece of unique wedding bouquets, favors and table settings.

Make a statement

When thinking about how to style your hair, a loosely knotted ponytail or an elegant ballerina bun are both excellent options to highlight an eye-catching pair of statement earrings.

For a vintage glamour look, the Diamond Chandelier earrings are a wonderful choice featuring Black Label Square and Black Label Oval diamonds.

Whether it’s adding sparkle detail to a simple wedding dress or making a bold, statement look, your diamond jewelry is more than just an accessory on your wedding day. Like the journey of discovery that a diamond has been on, it’s the representative of your incredible journey together as a couple. A journey that will go on now, and Forever.


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