Forevermark Diamond Reviews


Follow Jewelry Blogger Danielle Miele of Gem Gossip on her trip to King Jewelers in Nashville, where she was able to view the Forevermark inscription, and try on lots of gorgeous diamond jewelry. One of the best discoveries for Miele? That Forevermark diamonds are also responsibly sourced.

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 Pictured (left), Danielle Miele

Gem Gossip is a reviewer sponsored by Forevermark. 

Diamonds in the Library

Jewelry blogger Diamonds in the Library joins Forevermark for a day of diamonds at the Forevermark Bridal Academy event in New York City.

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Pictured (above) the Forevermark Bridal Academy event.

 Diamonds in the Library is a reviewer sponsored by Forevermark. 

Liza Urla of Gemologue


Join Gemologue Blogger Liza Urla as she follows the journey of a Forevermark diamond during a Forevermark Masterclass. Urla's visit to the Forevermark offices resulted in day of diamond history and education, as well as a chance to try on some beautiful and unique diamond jewelry.

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Pictured (left), Liza Urla of

Gemologue is a reviewer sponsored by Forevermark. 


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Padis Fine Jewelry

Padis Fine Jewelry celebrates Earth Day, reflecting on Forevermark's commitment to Responsible Sourcing. Padis explores the Forevermark diamond journey, and how the company gives back to the communities and habitats of these diamond producing regions.

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Padis Jewelers
Tara Fine Jewelry

Tara Fine Jewelry Company

Tara Fine Jewelry Company explores how Forevermark goes beyond the standard 4Cs to supply only the most beautiful and rare diamonds. While all diamonds are evaluated against the 4Cs, they only tell part of a diamond's story. Forevermark evaluates additional critera to ensure that diamonds that are inscribed with the Forevermark inscription are truly beautiful.

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Day's Jewelers Engagement Story

Follow Days Jewelers and newly engaged couple Elsie and Griffin on their truly epic adventure for a perfect proposal. Griffin chose a truly unique and special location for his proposal, and just needed to find the perfect ring. Enter Days Jewelers, who worked with Griffin throughout the entire process to select a truly unique Forevermark diamond ring for his fiancé.

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McCaskill & Company Finest Jewelry & Watches

McCaskill & Company features new Forevernark design collections as new Forevermark Authorized Jeweler. The collection features a variety of beautiful and rare engagment rings that are truly unique.

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