Devyn & Nathan –
A beautiful adventure

Finding Forever


In a whirlwind romance, Devyn and Nathan nervously first met on a blind date organised by their close mutual friends. Even now, Nathan still fondly remembers meeting Devyn for the first time and immediately being taken aback by her bright blue eyes and her smile that could light up a room.

Influenced by Nathan’s outgoing and adventurous side, for their first date they went on a cave tour of Diamond Caverns; a fitting location for their love story to begin given that a diamond symbolises love.  

After talking for hours, even though it was their first date, there was an immediate connection that felt different, special and something to cherish from that moment. This would be the start of their adventure together and the beginning of their Forever.  


Finding Forever

Nathan knew from early on in the relationship that Devyn was the woman that he wanted to marry. With her love for travel, food and music they had the perfect mix of similar likes and interests. As well as supporting and anchoring him she also challenged him, making him a better person.

The defining moment for Nathan was how they stuck together and supported each other through a difficult time early on in their relationship. Getting through this difficult time made Nathan realise that they could face anything together. Devyn was the woman that he wanted to take on the world with. 

I realised I was dating a woman that I could start this beautiful adventure with, and because of that, I didn’t want to wait. When you know, you definitely know.

The defining moment for Devyn was saying goodbye to Nathan after their third date. She had a smile that would not go away and she realised that she couldn’t imagine her life without him. 

I began to think about him in my future and dream about what my life would be like with him in it.

The engagement story

Knowing so early on that Devyn was the one for him, Nathan wanted to propose on the hill that looked out over the city where they had first met. 

At sunset, under a beautiful arbor that Nathan had handmade, twinkling with fairy lights, he got down on one knee to ask Devyn to marry him. This was beyond anything that Devyn could have expected, it was truly one of the most special moments. Afterwards, as a further surprise, they went back to a friend’s house to celebrate, where they were surrounded by the friends and family that had seen their story unfold. This would be the beginning of the next chapter in their tale. 

I won’t ever forget how beautiful she looked underneath those lights, as the sun set below the clouds and I will always remember that ‘yes’. That was probably the most special moment of my life.

The silver lining

In every relationship, challenges always need to be faced, but it’s how you overcome these challenges that define you.

Before their engagement, Devyn and Nathan were experiencing uncertainty with Devyn’s new job as a flight attendant, in where they would be located, and having to spend time apart from each for the first time. Overcoming these challenges together made them stronger and defined them as a couple. 

They learnt to be open and honest with each other, to give each other space when they needed space and to comfort one another when they needed support. It’s about finding the silver lining and that despite all the challenges that life throws your way, you should work through the struggles together as a team. For Nathan and Devyn, it was remembering that they had each other, no matter where in the world they ended up. 

An everlasting love

As Nathan wanted the engagement to be a complete surprise for Devyn, Nathan picked out Devyn’s engagement ring himself; an intricate and unique solitaire diamond ring.  As well as picking out a vintage design that he knew she would cherish, having a diamond engagement ring was an especially important aspect to Nathan. The Forevermark diamond in the ring signifies the beauty, inside and out, of Devyn, the woman that he had fallen in love with, as well as the beautiful adventure that they were on together. 

Forevermark Vintage Engagement Ring
Forevermark Vintage Engagement Ring


Forever is...

Forever is having each other, and being by each other’s side no matter what. From climbing mountains, or simply grocery shopping, Forever is making every day an adventure and Forever is each other. This is Devyn and Nathan’s love story, this is their now and Forever.

That’s how you know someone is the one, when you can just be together and it is good and comfortable. No one else. Just us, forever.

Nathan and Devyn were married in March 2018 in Frankfort, KY, which sits halfway between each of their hometowns. Like many special occasions, the day didn’t start off as planned as snow and sleet was falling heavily early in the morning, which worried them both that their guests would not be able to reach the venue. But luck was on their side, and as the weather cleared most of their guests made it to the church on time.

For Nathan and Devyn, their memory of the day is a blur of the love and support that they were surrounded by – it was a day that began with vows and ended with joy, celebration and some pretty ridiculous dancing. It may not have been the ‘perfect’ wedding, but it was the perfect day because of the family and friends who showed their support by travelling through the elements to celebrate with them.

It was a day we will never forget, and the start to a beautiful adventure we had dreamed about since we were young.


Nathan Allen - @nathanleeallen, wedding photography - Jenna Leigh Finnesand, @jennafinnesand 

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